I am a planner.  When I was in the third grade, I decided to become a teacher.  Check.  I wanted to marry  a wonderful man and have children.  Check.  Run a marathon.  Check.  Travel.  Check.  Have tons of fun.  Check.  Yup, I’m a planner alright.  But life doesn’t always go as planned…

I lost my first husband tragically in 2010.  My plan of growing old with him, and seeing our two daughters live a full life with their father was crushed.  I was now a single mother and desperately missing my first love.  Grief is a crazy thing, a lot to write about, from both my perspective and through my daughters’ eyes.

I fell in love again with an incredible man.  He too lost his first wife, way too early, leaving him with his own two children to raise.  We married, and blended.  And worked.  Worked.  Worked.  People sometimes refer to us as the “Brady Bunch.”  Yeah, it’s really not like that…

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  You’ve heard about it.  I’ve had students with it.  But it wasn’t until I had a child with it that I truly understood it.  The challenges, complexities, emotions.  It’s not easy.  But we do it.  Everyday.  All day.  I love our son, and I thank God for allowing me to be in his life.

Faith.  I am not alone.  I walk through this life with my creator, my hope, my savior. For the planned life, and the crazy life, He is my rock, comfort and strength.

Live my life with passion.  Check.